Васион   Climate change on the planet and the consequences for walnut gardens in the world.

At the moment, globally, due to global climate change, walnut has a growing duration of the growing season, which is not favorable for walnut orchards around the world. To this came a number of researchers of climate change, which were conducted from 1956 to 2005, these changes have both a positive and negative impact on agriculture around the world.
As a positive impact is the increase in crop yields in the world.
The negative impact is due to the following factors: late frosts and their influence not only on walnut, but also on fruit crops, favorable weather conditions in which pests and fungi develop.
Based on the following studies and realities, it follows that when laying a walnut garden, one should take into account the fact that grafted walnut seedlings should be frost-resistant and withstand at least -30 degrees. Employees of the University of California in Davis (USA) found that global warming can greatly reduce the yield of walnuts, as the nut in the walnut garden increases the growing season, which does not allow to ripen the walnut. And because of this, US farmers are considering exporting to the US, grafted walnut seedlings from other countries, such as Ukraine, Moldova, where there are intense frost-resistant varieties of walnut. 

Васион In Europe in 2017, the loss in agriculture for fruit and vegetable crops amounted to about 1.8 billion. US dollars and all this as a result of climate change (Dr. Ebher Faust noted). In Germany, a sharp reduction in the harvest in the fruit sector in the amount of about 50% for pears, apples, cherries, plums. Therefore, due to such changes in the climate around the world, demand for frost-resistant walnut seedlings, pear seedlings, plum seedlings, apple seedlings increased.As the consequences of climate change are in Ukraine, Moldova, and quite tangible. The trend in the growth of the average annual temperature over 18 years was an increase of almost 1 degree, the average temperature of the winter months is generally -3 -4 degrees. All these changes led to a failure in the rhythm of flowering walnut, in the amount of precipitation, temperature in summer, snowfall. The climate in Ukraine and Moldova, as a result of its change, allows agrarians to expand opportunities and build capacity in existing as well as in new formats. Also significantly increase the area, which was previously of the type is not favorable for growing walnut due to its softness and climatic changes. Therefore, quality walnut seedlings, which have been vaccinated and adapted to climate changes, are needed for export to the countries of the European Union, the USA and to those countries that suffer from climate change and crop losses.


Therefore royal-walnuts.com.ua are ready to offer walnut seedlings that are adapted to the present and its growing methods with an increase in the density of planting per 1 hectare for walnut gardens. The export of grafted walnut seedlings of intensive varieties, will eliminate risks and preserve the harvest of walnuts in those countries where the warm climate has changed cold, as well as minimize agricultural risks. As a result of climate change in the atmosphere, all the processes of heat and humidity change on all continents of the earth are restructured, which entails -grades, drought, typhoons, tornadoes, etc. Therefore, when planting this or that crop, it is necessary to take into account and not neglect the fact that the planet is experiencing global climate change.

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