The company Royal-Walnuts, offers its customers the following range of services – at the very first stage of planning a walnut garden. 
Our specialists will help you to understand all the subtleties of the walnut business, and you will receive professional advice related to certain issues. Below is a list of complex services provided by Royal-Walnuts.

• Analysis of soil for suitability, for growing walnuts. 
• Drawing up a plan for your site taking into account all technical issues. 
• Selection and recommendations in the selection of varieties of walnut (classic walnut varieties, intensive varieties of walnut), based on the location of the site, climatic zones. 
• Recommendations and direct preparation of the soil for the laying of the nut garden. 
• Services for marking and planning the walnut garden. 
• Provide the nut planting material necessary for planting the walnut garden. 
• Planting a walnut garden or directly monitoring the planting process of a representative of our company.
• Drawing up a map for the introduction of walnut garden protection, as well as recommendations for its irrigation and technological processes that must be carried out in the garden, in order to achieve maximum yield and profitability of the walnut garden.

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