Everything for the garden

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This section contains the following products:

  • Anti-hail systems.
  • Geotextile.
  • Gudron de pin (gudron de pin).
  • Inventory for garden (secateurs) manufactured in Germany, Italy.
  • Protective films (protection from wind, frost, for a reservoir).
  • Irrigation and irrigation systems for the garden.
  • Garden paint.
  • Rainwater accumulation systems.


1. Antigrade systems (Italy).   

One of the most destructive natural factors is hail, which can destroy the entire existing crop as well as the future. In connection with climate change on the planet, cataclysms are observed more often.

The most effective solution in this case is the Antigrade system, which provides safe protection of your garden from hail, but is also effective against birds, which are often a natural disaster for the nut and orchard.

Presentation of the Anti-Grad system.


2. Gudron de pin (Gudron de pin).

We offer Gudron de Pin with the following types:

Spray 0,3 kg – 450 UAH.

Bank 1kg – 500grn.

Bank 5 kg – 1850grn.

Sending orders 2 times a month.


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