Sale in bulk and on order for large farms. 

Price: 4800 UAH for 1 ton.

Excluding transportation costs and services of carriers.

What is biohumus (vermicompost)?

Biohumus is an organic product processed by a special type of red Californian worm Eisenia andrei.


Main characteristics

Biohumus is a highly effective and environmentally friendly organic fertilizer that has a wide range of applications in various branches of agriculture.

Components of Biohumus:

  1. the main component is the humus itself with a content of 20% to 40%.
  2. bacteria that are favorable for plant growth with a significant improvement in the soil structure 20,000 billion col. in 1 liter.
  3. Potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, other minerals.
  4. copper, zinc, manganese, potassium, sodium and other microelements.
  5. fulvic, humic, gimatomelamine acids.
  6. amino acids with vitamin complexes.
  7. natural soil antibiotics, phytoalexins, enzymes, as well as phytohormones that are necessary to increase the rate of growth and development of plants.
  8. These components of the vermicompost, after being processed by the red Californian worm, acquire an easily digestible form, which is necessary for all varieties. All this contributes to:
  • germination of seeds from the soil.
  • increasing the rate of growth and flowering of plants.
  • reduces the maturation of fruits on trees and shrubs.
  • Providing immunity against bacterial diseases and rot species.
  • increased resistance to weather conditions, which are unfavorable for the plant.




№ п / п Name Price, UAH.
1 Bag of 40 liters 195.00
2 1 ton 4800.00

The product of processing of organic waste with the help of the worm “Staratel”.

Bulk density of 500-600 grams per liter.

No.  Name Price, UAH.
1 Package 5 liters (≈3kg) 40.00
2 Package 10 liters (≈6kg) 65.00
3 Package 20 liters (≈12kg) 110.00
4 Bag of 40 liters (≈24kg) 195.00



Concentrated fertilizer, concentration 1: 200 for foliar treatment of plants

Е1 0,5 l (1 pack of 18 bottles), Е1 1 l (1 pack of 12 bottles)

No. п / п Name Price, UAH
1 E1 0.5 liters. 40.00
2 E1 1.0 liter. 65.00
3 E2 0.5 liters. 50.00
4 E2 1.0 liter. 80 , 00



Royal stock: adult individuals, small, cocoons. Family (1500-1700 individuals in total)

№ п / п Name Price for a family, UAH.
1 1 to 10 families 650
2 From 10 families 550

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What are the properties of Biohumus in relation to Walnut:

  • phosphate-mobilizing and nitrogen-fixing bacterial action.
  • soil mineralization
  • obtaining of microelements by the root system.
  • contains growth hormones and development.
  • contains soil antibiotics
  • contains fulvic, hematomelanic and humic acids.
  • contains the necessary vitamins.
  • contains amino acids necessary for wood.
  • the moisture content for feeding the root system in a ratio of 5 liters of vermicompost = 11 liters of water at a moisture capacity of 230%
  • is an environmentally friendly product.
  • in vermicompost, unlike manure, there are no weeds, which excludes the development of shrubs and bears in the landing pit.
  • the presence of an organically active medium for the reproduction of mycorrhiza and entails a full nutritional supply of the walnut. 

The action of Biohumus is penetration into the lower layers of the soil with the provision of a root system of the nutrient medium, which causes the root system to develop downward and wide.

Quality Vermicompost make 1 time in 7-8 years and do not contribute any fertilizers.

Bolt that is used to plant nut seedlings and make up the root system:

one part is biohumus – three parts of clay – water to the desired consistency. All this is well mixed, then dipped roots and planted walnut seedlings.

The effect that the talker provides:

  • protection of the root system with the release of a nutrient medium to the roots of walnut.
  • acceleration of microflora restoration of the root system of mycorrhiza
  • increase in the survival rate of walnut seedlings 99%


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