Nut seedlings – proven varieties and selected quality

Nuts are a tasty, useful and profitable product. And our country has the ideal climatic conditions for its cultivation. Therefore, the nut farms of Ukraine sell their products not only within the country, but also abroad. The company Royal Walnuts has been engaged in seedlings of this remarkable culture since 2010. We can buy seedlings of a nut of classical and intensive varieties, which are checked by our specialists and are optimal for growing in Ukrainian conditions.

Grafted walnut seedlings are a profitable investment in a profitable and long-term business. Walnut is remarkable in that:

  • does not need large areas;
  • one tree can yield annually for 100-200 years;
  • the first harvest can be obtained after 4 years;
  • trees are characterized by high yields;
  • walnut seedlings are not whimsical to the soil, are not prone to diseases;
  • In parallel, you can grow other crops.

In addition, it is environmentally friendly work, since the cultivation of trees is based on traditional farming practices without the use of chemicals. This is the most profitable branch of agriculture, with a stable outlook, as demand far exceeds supply.

On the site you will find dozens of varieties of  walnut seedlings and hazelnuts, among which there are necessarily those that suit you. The Greeks are valued not only as a useful and nutritious food, but also for their medicinal properties. And in medicine not only kernels are used, but also membranes, shell, amniotic flesh. Hazelnut – a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals, and caloric content comparable to meat.

Advantages of cooperation with us

We are sincerely interested in the development of walnut farming and are ready not only to help with the choice of a suitable variety, but also to provide all the necessary consultations about the peculiarities of cultivation of the crop. On nut seedlings, the price on the market is quite different, but we try to offer the client an advantageous and justified cost. And we guarantee the quality of the highest level, which corresponds to the world standards.

Our company sells walnut seedlings wholesale and retail (packs of 10 pieces), because not only businessmen but ordinary people turn to us, who want to plant a small garden near the house.
Spinning nut and classic varieties are grown in compliance with all sanitary standards, the production is certified, and the products are successfully sold throughout the European Union. Before sending the goods to the client, it must be treated with disinfecting and sterilizing preparations.

We also sell everything necessary for the management of the walnut business, starting from biohumus for the garden and ending with harvesting machines, special equipment for fruit processing.

The complex of consulting services is not just a marketing promise, but one of the bonuses for our customers, which is clearly spelled out in the contract for the purchase.