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Nut seedlings: popular bestsellers and novelties

Hazelnut, hazel or hazel are known in our country for a long time. But if earlier it was mainly a forest plant, today its cultivation is done by whole farms and gardeners lovers. All you need to do is buy hazelnut seedlings in Ukraine, plant them with technology, perform unpretentious care and wait for a fresh harvest.

The grafted hazelnut seedlings have the following advantages:

● they bear fruit well;

● get accustomed to excellent;

● adapted to our climatic conditions;

● Give high quality nuts.


Ripenuts are used as a separate delicacy or added to various dishes and pastries. It is not only delicious, but also a useful product with high nutritional properties and whole sets of vitamins and microelements necessary for the body. The seedlings of hazelnuts price depends on the selected variety. In our assortment you will find both popular varieties of this culture, tested by decades, and the latest innovations. In particular, the seedlings of hazelnuts Trapezund, Halle, Barcelona, ​​Catalan are in high demand. We grow the material in our own walnut nurseries under the strict supervision of specialists, therefore 100% guarantee the quality and authenticity of each sprout. Saplings are inexpensive, they are unpretentious in care and quality of soils. They can be planted in the spring and autumn, and the first harvest you will collect already next year.

European high-yielding varieties


Oblong-round fruit weighing about 2.1 grams, versatile in use. The newborns have a beautiful light brown color with a light gloss. Tied up with inflorescences of 4-8 pieces. The walnut shell is thin, and the edible part is 49%. The harvest ripens towards the end of August, which is considered the average for the species. The estimated productivity is 2.2 tons per hectare. The shrub is of medium height and density. The plant is excellent for our climate, it does not fear droughts and severe temperature drops in winter. Saplings and adult bushes are not prone to diseases and pest attacks.

748536_cherkesskiy-47533562Circassian 1-2

Nuts are broad, oval in shape and slightly flattened. Weight 1.8 grams. The shell of the ripe walnut is thin, brown in color, with pronounced striae. Edible core is 46%, universal in use, fat content reaches 70%. Variety refers to the early. The productivity of an adult plant is 2.3 tons per hectare. A tall bush with a massive crown has an average resistance to drought and severe frost.


Catalan hazelnutSeedlings of Cordoba Catalan

Hazelnut of high commercial quality, with large round fruits, which are formed in the inflorescences of 4-5 pcs. As the maturation of the leaf cup opens, and most of the nut is open, and when fully matted, the nut itself falls out of it. The shell has an average thickness, but it easily crumbles under pressure. Surface of uniform bronze shade. The core tightly fills the cavity, has excellent taste qualities. Flowering and maturing occurs in the medium term, you can collect the Catalan hazelnut in the second half of September. The bush grows very quickly, but grows small. This variety has long been successfully cultivated in neighboring Poland. It is appreciated for delicious large fruits and high productivity.

barcelonaSaplings of Cordura Barcelona

Nuts are large with a rich composition of nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates and a whole set of vitamins). The shell is of medium density and thickness, the core is fibrous, but has a pleasant mild taste. The variety is considered high-yielding, early enough to bear first fruits and is valued in the market. Nuts can be harvested from the first half of September. This nutritious variety is bred by European breeders. In our conditions, it grows in the form of a tree up to 5 meters high with a massive, spreading crown. It blooms in average terms, has good resistance to low winter temperatures.

halleHulle seedlings

Large nuts are teardrop shaped, which narrows to the top. The average overall dimensions of the HxWxH are 28x25x23 mm. The shell is dense and coarse, has a yellow-brown color with pronounced bands and a velvety effect. The nuclei are large, ovoid in shape, have a pleasant sweet taste. The variety fructifies abundantly and regularly. But it belongs to the late. It is important not to harvest the harvest prematurely, because the unripe fruit is poorly stored, lose mass and can have an unpleasant aftertaste. The best time to harvest hazelnut Halle: the last decade of September – the first of October. This breed was obtained in Germany as early as 1788 and today it is considered the leader in the number of industrial hazelnut plantings in Europe. The plant is a tall shrub up to 5.5 meters high, which grows well on fertile soils. Hazel does not like the near occurrence of groundwater, it easily tolerates winter frosts. Optimal breed pollinators: Cosford, Barcelona.

trapezundSaplings of Fundusa Trebizond

Another bestseller of the world market, which has large round fruit weighing 2.5-3 grams. The shell is brownish with a light gloss. Hazelnut Trebizond fructifies with fruits from 2 to 6 nuts. The nucleus ripens in the second half of August. The fat content reaches 72%. The estimated productivity is 3 tons with 1 hectare, which is a very high indicator for the species. Bushes vigorous, in our climatic conditions reach 5 meters in height and 4.5 meters in diameter. The plant easily tolerates a drop in negative temperatures in winter to -32 ° C. Flowering period: the third decade of March – the first decade of April.


shedevrSaplings of a chestnut Masterpiece

Large round fruits reach a weight of 3 grams, with a core yield of about 80%. The maturity dates are average. The fat content is about 71%. Nut is characterized by an exquisite dessert taste, has a universal purpose. The shell is medium in thickness, dark brown, with a light gloss. The plant grows in the form of a bush of medium height. The maximum height is 3-3.5 meters, the crown with a dense branchiness, spreading out. Bushes well tolerate severe winters. Useful advice: hazelnuts are a dioecious plant, therefore it needs pollination in many ways (wind, insects). To collect the maximum harvest, it is advisable to plant near different varieties (3-5 species), which will pollinate each other. Low fructification of cultivated breeds can be caused by frostbite, therefore it is useful to plant a wild hazel next to the grafted seedlings, which has the maximum frost resistance.

funduk_prezydentSaplings of Hazel Pirogok

Large nuts ripen with fruit for 3-5 pieces. The weight of the fruit is about 2.6-3.2 grams. The shape is rounded, flattened on the sides. The core is 47% fetus, contains 66% fat and 15% protein. Fruits are of high commercial quality, appreciated for their taste. The variety is characterized by a high and stable yield, while observing the conditions of care. Terms of harvest – medium. Bushes grow 3.5 m high, the crown has an average density and a spherical outline. The plant has high resistance to frost and drought.



Saplings of the Funduq Foothcourt

Round-tear-shaped fruits weighing 2.8 grams, have a nice warm shade of shell and yield of the core to 50%. Purpose universal. The nut contains 65-68% fat. According to tasters, he gets 4.5 out of 5 points. The estimated productivity is 1.8 tons per hectare. Fruits ripen early. The variety was bred by Georgian breeders and was accepted for state strain testing as far back as 1954. It grows in a medium sized bush with a three-dimensional crown. It easily tolerates long dry periods, is not prone to diseases and pest attacks. Among the shortcomings – the propensity to form a copious root shoot and self-fertility – a pollinator is needed. Optimal pollinator of the presented variety: Nemsa.

Saplings of Funduca Lozovsky

Large nuts of a spherical shape about 2 cm long and weighing 2.1-2.5 grams. The shell of the ripe fruit is golden yellow, with pronounced longitudinal striae. Leaf cup is often a little longer than the nut itself and completely covers it, but meets and is shorter, equal to it; the lower edge is notched, on the one hand it can be dissected to the very base. The yield of the core is 50% of the mass. The maturity dates are average. The variety has been grown since 1989, it is regionalized in the climatic zones of the Forest-Steppe and Steppe.

webbaWebcube seedlings

Homogeneous large nuts of elongated shape are tied with clusters. This is a real giant species – weight 1 hazelnut 4,2-4,5 grams. The core tightly fills the internal cavity and has excellent taste qualities. The shell is medium strength, light color with a bronze shade. Harvest can be harvested from the second decade of September. Webbu Hazelnut is a valuable industrial variety that is bred by English breeders. Among its advantages is not only a large walnut, but also a high yield, resistance to frost and disease. It grows in the form of a bush height of 4.5 meters. The flowering period is medium.

sazhentsy_funduka_pyrozhokSaplings of the Funduks President

Large fruits of elongated form weigh 2.8-3.2 grams. The shell is smooth, brown. The core has good taste characteristics, rather dense, has been rated by the tasters of 4.6 points. The yield is 2.5-2.7 tons per hectare. The maturity dates are average. The plant in the form of a bush reaches a maximum height of 4 meters, the branching of the crown is medium. The variety demonstrates good frost resistance and no problems during the dry periods.


Decorative hazelnuts

Warsaw RedWarsaw red

The shape of the fruit is elongated, the shell has a dark brown color, the core completely fills the cavity and is characterized by a pronounced sweet aftertaste. Nuts are ripening and ready for harvesting in the second half of September. A key feature of this European variety is the changing color of foliage. In spring and autumn, the leaves are rich in red, and in summer – green. The variety is not prone to disease. Optimal pollinator: Halle.

funduk_syrenaSapphire sapphire siren

Nuts have an oblong shape and a thin shell of brown color with pronounced bands. The nucleus is large egg-shaped. Fruit-bearing begins very early and regularly pleases with abundant crops. This is a red-leaved hazelnut, which grows in a medium-sized shrub. In the spring, the burgundy leaves unfold, which gradually turn green by the end of summer. The variety is not inclined to diseases, it easily tolerates winter frosts.


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