Royal-Walnuts offers its customers a wide range of European and domestic quality production equipment of proven quality, to ensure a continuous cycle of processing, collection, drying, calibration and washing of walnuts.

The assortment includes such production units as:

• Blanchers for nuts. 
• Fan for the garden. 
• Industrial generators. 
• Hydraulic vibrator for shaking trees. 
• Metal detector. 
• Calibrator rotary for nuts. 
• Whole nut calibrator. 
• Linear calibrator of nuts. 
• Lines for cooling the product. 
• Lines for cleaning and washing nuts. 
• Machines for cracking nuts. 
• Multifunctional elevator. 
• Equipment for nuts. 
• Equipment for sanding of green shell. 
• Equipment for drying nuts. 
• Equipment for the separation of the kernel of the nut. 
• One-story nuts drying equipment. 
• Walnut kernel separator from the shell.
• Press for peanut butter. 
• Separating the nut kernels from the shell by suction. 
• Nucleus shell separator from the shell. 
• Crackers of nuts. 
• Walnut shredder with preliminary removal of the shell. 
• Separators for nuts. 
• Sorting tables for nuts. 
• Nut stirrer. 
• Harvesting machines for collection of walnuts. 
• Elevators.

Video equipment

Below are the photos and technical specifications of the equipment.

Blancher for nuts

Blancher for walnut [800x600]


Fan for the garden

Fan for the walnut garden [800x600]



Tower [800x600]


Vibrator for a cow on a wheelbase

Vibrator for a cow on a wheelbase [800x600]


Vibrator for walnut slices

Vibrator for walnut trunks [800x600]


Line for cooling the nut

Line for cooling the nut [800x600]


One-story drying

One-story drying [800x600]



Separator 1 [800x600]

Separator 3 [800x600]


Sorting table

Sorting table [800x600]


Harvesting machine

Harvesting machine 1 [800x600]

Harvesting machine 2 [800x600]

Harvesting machine 3 [800x600]


Nut Splitting Unit

Separator 1 [800x600]

Technical specifications on request, depending on the tasks assigned to the equipment.


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