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At the heart of success is a dream.

While engaged in the cultivation of fruit and berry crops, our team decided not to dwell on the achieved results of its activities. After reading a lot of different options, having read a lot of literature and information, different (overstated and not so) material, we remembered the gardens of our grandfathers and almost unanimously decided that this would be a walnut, it’s no secret that it is a business for grandchildren .

Walnut-in the translation “Royal Walnut”, is one of the long-standing nut-fruit crops cultivated by Greek gardeners and they are faced with the issue of growing walnuts. Gardeners in Greece appreciated both the tree itself – the nut, and its taste qualities.

As history shows us, walnut gardens are investments for many years, with a stable harvest and corresponding income, because not only its fruit and skin, wood and membranes are valuable in the nut.

In 2010 Royal-Walnuts was founded.


Today we are a rapidly developing enterprise in the nut industry in Ukraine and Moldova.

Uterine orchard gardens:

The first-matokno cherenkovy garden (laid in 2010) is located on the territory of Moldova.

The second-matokno cherenkovy garden (laid in 2016) is located on the territory of Ukraine in the Vinnitsa region. Gardens in Ukraine and Moldova – they are planted as classic varieties with a 10m 10m planting scheme, as well as intensive varieties of walnut with landing schemes 7m at 5m, 8m at 6m.

Production of seedlings:  Presence of own certified production with observance of all sanitary norms. Further-vaccination, stratification, landing in the ground, the implementation occurs both in the territory of Moldova (for customers from the EU and other countries), and in Ukraine (for customers from Ukraine).

The walnut gardens of our customers are laid in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Chechnya, EU countries.

Nut seedlings: We produce one-year-old seedlings on a two-year-old root system, came to this after many experiments (these seedlings have a higher potential than a two-year-old seedling that gets stressed when digging up the seedlings and slows down accordingly in development). We use several types of vaccination, just in the process of inoculation of walnut seedlings only high-quality vaccination equipment of Switzerland and France is used. It is possible to sell two-year-old walnut seedlings under the order.

 Shipment of walnut seedlings:  All seedlings are treated with sterilization and disinfecting preparations before being delivered to our customers, packed in bundles of 10pcs.

  • In spring, the seedlings are packed in bags of film with sawdust.
  • In the autumn, bags without sawdust.
  • seedlings are vaccinated in compliance with all sanitary standards of the premises (not all producers adhere to this, think that it is better then it is sprinkled and descended), the rest depends on the initial purity of the process. On this we have the relevant documents on the acceptance of this facility in San. specifications.
  • Stratification and cold rooms are made according to the latest technology.
  • for the staff there are all conditions for comfortable work, no one is in any hurry, there is quality control of inoculating nut seedlings.
  • Knives and grafting machines made of strong Swiss steel.
  • we do not save on vaccination equipment and salaries of our employees.
  • offers a quality product with a high percentage of survival rate, which is spelled out in the contract. 
  • We export seedlings to any point from the territory of the branch of the kennel in Moldova on the basis of Free Carrier (FCA). For Ukraine it is the receipt of walnut seedlings in another branch of the company in the Vinnitsa region.
  • provides free consultations in the telephone mode on the selection of varieties, the peculiarities of their planting and growing.
  • the provision of an after-sales consulting service complex, which is clearly spelled out in the contract.


  • Become a particle that will help develop nut-farming in Ukraine, as a promising branch of agriculture, which in the future will lead our country to the leading positions of the world nut market.
  • Help people who decide to start a nut business.
  • To help in the acquisition of really quality grafted seedlings of walnut, hazelnuts.
  • Provide professional consulting support for the management of the walnut business, and most importantly to help avoid unnecessary mistakes at the initial stage.
  • Introduce new technologies for growing, nursing, pruning walnuts, constantly drawing hands-on experience from the world leaders of the nut industry.


In the beginning we searched for our own way, how to approach the applied one from the theoretical scheme and starting from 2010, we are already practicing our model of activity. Transparency and honesty in relationships with partners and customers, the main rule.

Going ahead is the bridge for the man behind

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